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Award winner Actor Antoni McMillan has recently graduated from the North East Scotland receiving his National Higher Diploma in Acting and theatre Performance. During his time studying he has managed to successfully work as an Actor on many Projects such as his Theatre Performances in Cabaret Performing for ten nights at the Aberdeen Arts Theatre with an award winning creative team based in London and a West End cast starring Lucas Rush and Carolyn Maitland. Antoni has also appeared in many series such as BBC's drama Rivercity and Benedict Cumberbatch 6 series Melrose. Through this success he has featured in many short films, including Suckerpunch where he played the lead roll Jack Bain a young boxer who takes audiences through a journey of twisted lies trying to convince them that he was not guilty for the murder of his manager. He has also been awarded Best Male Lead at the Belmont showcase for his performance in Dunes.

+44 7902958959

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