Videography IN ABERDEEN


Blu Promotions is a creative company based in Aberdeen Scotland. We focus on all things creative including music events, clothing and DJ Hire. We are also a team of graduates from Drama and film school piecing together short creative projects in the area.  From the moment we graduated we kept the momentum up striving to create an industry in Aberdeen, which is limited due to lack of funding from the council. Instead of moving to the central belt of Scotland where the big contenders Edinburgh and Glasgow are producing some of the biggest films nationally and globally, we decided to create a team in Aberdeen putting our heads together to create local professional projects. 

As a team we have worked on a number of projects, each one getting bigger. We have also received awards from the Belmont film festival for best lead and best short Film. Our last project was directed by Mathew Lukowoski “Check Mate”  - We are very proud of this film as it shows our true talents and what we as a team are capable of. Filmed in Aberdeen-shire about a WWII German and Russian Sniper battling it out, the message we wanted to show was the true effects of war and how really any enemy big or small has feelings/family knowing embracing there side of the story. This film had fourteen professionals working on it including gun specialists, Actors, sound, cinematography, make up, producers and a director everything you need to create a beautiful piece of art.  


We plan to make our second Short Film which will be sent towards film festivals in the UK and America. We want to produce something with a message, that message is the effects of technology and how fast it is advancing and changing our lives. A big ideology which we feel hasn’t been touched upon hugely yet in the film industry. 

Technology has been improving for years with a incredible change in the last twenty. Many benefits to this including staying connected, health, opportunities, travel, advertising etc. But it has also changed our behaviors, especially in young people with 95 percent owning a smart phone in the UK half saying they check there phone in the middle of the night. With a new report from the BBC “UK has never been more addicted to smart phones” and a recent study from Deloittes shows that four out of five people In the UK own a smart phone. Yes we have become more connected online, but socially people are becoming more and more introverted and therefore losing the art of conversation. People are meeting online and having sexual relationships without ever meeting one another in person, the world has most definitely changed.


With Smartphone’s being a new technology it’s a concern what the future holds for us, with Artificial Intelligence on the horizon and technology growing at an accelerating rate now is time to think how we want our future to be. We as a team are not against technology and online connectivity (we wouldn’t be able to promote this film without it!) but feel the world should be aware of the changes in  national behavior and where we are going to end up globally if technology continues to advance at the same alarming rate as it is currently.

Recently counties in the Middle East have produced high-Tech surveillance and check points to subdue Minorities. Using these cameras to strengthen authority, people are losing their freedom of movement. Other concerns that lie with Artificial Intelligence is that technology such as SIRI or self driving cars; there are companies with goals that one day AI will be able to perform humanly tasks becoming part of daily lives making decisions for us and benefit our safety. 



Unfortunately we are not able to put all these concerns into one short film as it would slowly become a Netflix series and require multi million pound budget and that just not fee-sable (yet) So we as a team want to keep our short film simple and focus on the life of a young adult and the use of his Smartphone. Based in Edinburgh, the beginning focuses on his daily life, we begin to realize his world is solely social media. Due to being constantly online, the young man looses the relationship with his mother and the connection to the outside world without even realizing. 

This simple story is adapted using fantasy and creativity through film. This young lad’s isolated life soon takes a drastic change; humans physically disappear off the face of the earth and the boy is left only to connect with people only online using his phone, when he arranges to meet his friends he slowly begins to realize he is the only person physically left on the planet. Fortunately nature is not linked through the internet and the boy stumbles across a relationship with a dog. Will the boy continue to live his life looking through the glass screen of social media or will he embrace nature and embrace a world he has never appreciated before. Without revealing to much about the story-line we want to ensure you that this film will have a big message, amazing visuals a cool city vibe running throughout.

Simple Schedule.



We are asking for a small budget of £10000 in order to get this project completed. This fund will go towards equipment, travel and wages. We feel it is important to be able to pay our team in order to support the FILM industry in Aberdeen. 

This fund will boost careers in the area something that is massively important to us as Aberdeen as a city focuses mainly round the oil industry, other sectors relay on Aberdeen’s North Sea oil to produce business in the area. However the creative sector receives neither benefit nor support from the industry, creating very little jobs and prospects for the future. It will also give younger generations hope in reaching their dreams.  

Producing this film will also be a stepping stone for us to further our careers and moving onto bigger projects in the future. With your investment every little helps but the bigger the better with more rewards depending on the size. 

We are committed in making this project happen. With enough expertise and knowledge now is the time to get the ball moving. With technology forever advancing and millennial's concerned in creating a better future you will not only be supportive the film industry with your investment but you will also be providing a creative message for the world to see.