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Your Day / Our Approach


Every one of us is unique so is every wedding. We as a team are always committed to weaving together all the moments of your day into one extraordinary story. Working this way is a crucial process of our approach. An essential part of being a documentary wedding photographer or photographer in general for that matter is about seeing unordinary things in ordinary places, visualising the light shape and most importantly seeing and capturing human emotions. Creating images that connect with and moves you and pictures that will become a visual legacy of your day.

The documentary approach allows us to create a visual narrative of your day. We always like to try different things and look for new ways to see. Weddings for our team is not about a formula, a set of poses or repeating somebody else’s work. First and foremost it’s about trying to know and to understand your personality and your quirks as well as to capture and to tell the story of people that matter to you. We always try to take something from every story we create and every wedding our photographers attend. Lastly, It’s about having fun. The best images always happen when people forget themselves at the moment.

Working with us

It all starts with a chat. A phone call with our photographer, Skype or a face to face meeting it’s a great way to get to know each other and for our team to learn more about yourselves and your wedding day. It will as well give us an opportunity to go into greater detail about photography style, how you want us to work on the day and variety of products and services we provide. The booking process itself is straightforward and done online. Most importantly, blu promotions are always around if you have any questions.
or need further recommendations.

Working with our photographer on your wedding day is always fun. They are around and present all the time, however, very discreet when needed. they are absorbed and creatively documenting the day as it happens with enthusiasm and passion. Many of our client relationships develop into friendships, and we are very proud of it.