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Current projects

Check Mate

Project : Short Film 

Director : Matthew Lukowski

German sniper, Klause (Antoni McMillan) finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a Russian marksman (Jacob Joyce). It is not just a battle of wits but a battle where only one can be the victor.This film shows the brutal truths of war and that behind every gun there is a story.

Check mate was filmed in and around Royal Deeside Aberdeenshire, creating a rural eastern European landscape setting, We wanted to be as authentic as possible with the film using in a Local Armory specialist who provided original WWII Costumes & Weapons. Check was filmed Filmed in august 2021 and due to be released summer 2022 being sent to BFI film festivals in the UK & EU

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Project : Ad campaign 

Director : Antoni McMillan

DOP : Callum McCready

Deena Tissera is a local Labour MP who has been recently elected as SEC for the North East Scotland highlands and Island.


Deena approached Blu Film at the start of the year to create her an Ad Campaign for her Social media & pubic conferences. Since her campaign she has had huge success winning a seat in Aberdeen & the SEC elections.


The series of adverts where filmed in and around Aberdeen/shire, highlighting the key factors in Deena's campaign. Directed by Antoni McMillan, he wanted to show Deena's colourful Personailty showing strength and determination in Deenas desire to improve the North East of Scotland highlands & Island. This series was filmed Filmed in January 2022 and has been released on Social Media

Deena Tissera


Current projects



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